Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fox News On Sherrod & Dem Cowards

It is not exactly news that Fox News is not exactly news. They have been pushing an ultra-conservative line for years, serving as apologists for the Bush admin for most of the 2000s, and since 2008, propagating the meme that black civil rights activists are racists, as is pretty much everyone in the Obama admin. The theory goes something like this: "Obama wants to hurt America (or at least the white race) because he is a racist and also because he is a National Socialist Nazi Marxist-Leninist Stalinist Maoist black nationalist radical. And so are all the other people in his admin. And also he wants reparations for slavery." Seriously.

We should stop being surprised and appalled by Fox News because they put out a very consistent product. What is surprising, disappointing, and really galling is the fact that the Obama admin is so scared of them. So much so that they snap to attention every time Glenn Beck issues an order. Beck has successfully smeared Van Jones and Anita Dunn with misleadingly edited video. Van Jones was fired over the incident. Fox News got ACORN defunded by Congress following a doctored hit piece in which a young conservative activist claimed he posed as a pimp to try to get tax advice from ACORN employees. People lost their jobs as a consequence, and ACORN is suing.

Most recently, Beck and his colleagues went after USDA employee Shirley Sherrod based on a deceptively edited video of a talk she had given at an NAACP event. The edited video suggests that she discriminated against a white farmer. The *rest* of the video reveals that her experience with this white farmer taught her that class mattered as well as race, and she went on to help them save their farm (this has since been corroborated by the farmers themselves). Disgustingly, the Obama admin immediately demanded that she resign without even hearing her side of the story, the person who told her to resign said the admin wanted to get her resignation before Glenn Beck went back on air. She has since been exonerated, and when Glenn Beck went back on air, he proceeded to villify the Obama admin for improperly firing her (!) The guy is a piece of work.

This event shows more than anything that the Obama admin is shaking in its boots, fearful of being criticized by demonstrably dishonest adversaries (who are going to villify Obama no matter what he does). The admin would be far more effective and garner much more respect if they simply told Beck and co. to die in a fire.

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