Monday, June 24, 2013

Demolition Update II

Man, this whole flat renovation thing is no small walk in the park, is what I'm learning.  It is taking foreeeever! :(((

So, here's the absolutely up-to-date situation at the moment.

After letting the first architect go before the demolition was complete, I wanted to finish the demolition of the six small rooms so we could really get a sense of the space before finishing the plans and design of the new flat.  Problem was, simply finishing the demolition was too small a job for most construction firms to want to take on, so Szabolcs (my architect) and his friend just did it themselves.  The place is completely open now in one side of the flat, which is great.  Unfortunately, there are now bags and piles of debris everywhere, as material removal is where the costs really start piling up.  Material removal will be part of the renovation plan that will be subcontracted out to various firms.

So. This is what it looks like now:

Exciting, no?  Not to everyone, apparently...a friend who came with me to see it used a different word--"daunting," I think it was :D  To me, the only "daunting" thing about it is how long it is going to take before I can friggin move in!  Otherwise, there is the expense factor, and how costs add up, but I figure I can always do the basics, and then do other renovations after I move in.

Here are some other pics I took:

Yes, that is a cast iron bathtub in the living room.

Super panorama from the future bathroom area...

Looking into the future bathroom and dining room from the bedroom.

These windows (above) have been liberated from the tiny tiny pantry in which they were confined.

Another view to the living room from the future kitchen/dining room.

Above is the "classic" grey oak Swedish solid wood floors we have picked out to be installed through the entire flat.

Update!:  A recent wrinkle is that I've just received notice from the Hungarian tax authority that they don't believe that I really paid what is in my contract (it must have been more, they think), so they are paying me a visit to do an assessment in July.  My lawyer is definitely going to hear about this...

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