Sunday, December 22, 2013

Princess Palace Update -- We are Getting There!

Dear readers: the flat renovations are nearing completion (knock on wood)!  The pictures below are from mid-December to last Friday.  As you can see, the place is shaping up nicely.  We (and by we, I mean me) are very happy! Several brick walls are now exposed in the living room, kitchen and bedroom.

The brick walls look amazing (pictured below prior to fixing and polishing).


View of the living room from the bedroom.

The bathroom is obviously still in a primitive state.  Yet to be constructed: a built-in shower, a built-in reclaimed cast iron tub, and reclaimed sink (see below). Plus the paint and tile... Also, it later turned out that the window below was rotted on the outside, so it could not be saved, sad to say...

The view from the bedroom into the kitchen/dining area (the brick holding wall newly exposed).

View of bedroom into the bathroom; the idea was a modified open plan for the apartment overall, plus sliding door for the bathroom.

This is Levi, the housepainter (and dystopian artist!), enjoying an espresso during break.  He will be painting the regular walls and fixing the brick walls...


Now to the sink...a couple weeks ago, I told my architect and main contractor that I wanted the bathroom sink built out of a reclaimed antique dresser, in a rustic shabby chic style.  So last Saturday, Gabor (the contractor) took me, Levi (above), and friends, Karl and Deniz to the Esceri market, one of the biggest flea markets in Central Europe, to find an antique dresser with which to fashion a bathroom sink.  Most of what we found was NOT an awesome antique dresser. Selected items on offer are pictured below:


Random racist knick-knack.

Military swag.

Ram's head for the breakfast nook?

Deniz and I enjoying the market (but also freezing, it was COLD).

Tada!! The antique dresser (soon to be reclaimed bathroom sink), for which I paid 175 USD. The trim will be reworked by a carpenter and a sink basin built into the top :)

More very soon...